Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bridal Shower Bliss

On Sunday, January 20, 2013, Jonathan and I had the most amazing Bridal Shower day! We enjoyed being able to hug some necks for the people that we care about so much and the day was simply beautiful. My family did such a great job of putting everything together and it was so sweet.

Dad and I getting ready for everyone!

Super excited to see all our family and friends!

My wonderful Mother who deserves a million thank you's.

My girls! These girls mean so much to me and it made my day to see them!
Jonathan and I were so excited about all of the wonderful gifts we received! We are so blessed. Loading the car was an adventure, but Jonathan and his Dad made it happen! It took us about 5 hours to unpack everything once we made it to Buxton. The kitties thought it was Christmas again and were flying through all the boxes and tissue paper - haha! We have even had fun using some of our items already - here are tonights adventures....

Dinner: Lasagna
Lasagna for dinner with our new lasagna dish, frying pan, and wooden spoon!
Now... dessert... cute grinder to grind graham crackers for the pie crust!
Precious measuring cups to measure out sugar!
I have never been able to zest a lemon!! It was so much fun - I wanted to keep zest-ing and zest-ing! Haha
Sugar bowl in the background and another precious measuring cup! Are they not cute?!
Final result - ah-mazing lemon pie on one of our beautiful pieces of china!
As you can tell - I really had fun in the kitchen tonight and I am thankful to everyone that have filled our home with love! It is so wonderful to think of each person as we pull out an item. God has definitely blessed us!

Have a wonderful Saturday evening, y'all!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Banana Nut Bread

One word for you. Yum. Just take a sniff of this glorious picture.

This recipe is from Southern Living and it is absolutely yummy. I wouldn't even mind using the base of the batter and trying out other ingredients!

Hope it is delicious!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holly Jolly Christmas Shower

I have realized more and more how blessed and thankful I am for everything that I have. Getting married truly opens your eyes to how much you are cared for and loved by wonderful friends and family.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving (November 24), one of my very best friends and her mom (Ashton and Mrs. Lee Ann!) gave Jonathan and I a "Holly Jolly Christmas Shower" and it was absolutely wonderful! It was so good to see some of my closest family and friends and open their wonderful gifts. I have already realized how special this shower was because now at every Christmas when Jonathan and I are "decking the halls," I can remember the special people who gave us certain gifts.

One of my wonderful bridesmaids, Lynetti and I!
Awesome cake!! We hated to cut into it!

One of the sweet hostests and bridesmaid, Ashton!

Chatting with everyone! :)

Another beautiful bridesmaid, Meredith!
My Momma! :)

Thanks again to everyone that came and the wonderful, sweet gifts you gave.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Engagement Parties

This past July my parents arranged a beautiful Engagement Party for us that was so wonderful! One of the main ideas that we have had with the wedding events is to make sure that everything flows together, so we decided that our centerpieces and arrangements had to display that shabby chic feel that we envisioned at the wedding. We had such a great afternoon and truly loved seeing everyone together in one place!

 Some of my wonderful family enjoying each others company!

 The appetizers! I absolutely love this Pepsi crate! I found this in the little town of Bunn, NC at a old antique store.

 Haha--we were a little sweaty! It was very toasty that afternoon!

Some of my bridesmaids all together!

 Most of our bridal party! :)

Mom and I ordered lots of flowers from the wonderful Chelsea Barrow at Greene County Florist!

Not only did we have a great family day with this engagement party, one of Jonathan's groomsmen wanted to throw us a little get together also that was a little more casual... so we had a pool party! Here are some pictures from that event...

Dad, Mom, and I at engagement party #2!

I was so happy Beth could make it!

We loved having everyone together again!

Of course I was on the hit list to get thrown in... haha!

Sweet Kathryn could make it and I was so excited! :)

To finish this up, we are so thankful for everyone that celebrated our engagement with us. Jonathan and I are so happy and we are looking forward to the big day! Can't wait!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ms. Jennings Room!

Hello All! Sorry for the lack in crafting and adventures lately, but our lives have been tossed up, scrambled and planted in a wonderful new location. Jonathan and I are truly loving our lives together in Buxton, North Carolina and we could not be happier. We can tell the kitties seem a bit happier too! Along with moving my apartment to Buxton, my classroom had to move too, which could also seem like a small living space with as much stuff as I had! I promise to post apartment pictures soon, but right now I wanted to show you my newest space, my classroom. This will be the last time I am starting out school as Ms. Jennings, so here is too the last school year as Ms. Jennings. :) Sort of bitter sweet! I love my name, but I do love traditions so I am excited about taking Jonathan's name too. My sweet Papa would probably be shaking his head right now if he was alive. He used to always tell me I couldn't get married because I had to keep that last name. Haha. Great memories.

So here is the tour with some before pictures to begin...

Pretty big mess if you ask me... but here are the after! I hope you love it!

I love the energy and excitement! I hope my kids know that I love math and that I am excited about it!! I can't wait for this school year!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Flourished Chalkboard

Hey Ya'll!

So of course I have a new project up my sleeve for the wedding. A few weeks ago while thrift store shopping with Stephanie I ran across a perfect find... only $15!

I knew immediately what my perfect project would be... so today Momma and I took the journey to Lowes to buy...

Valspar Primer in Gray Spray Paint and Valspar Chalkboard Spray Paint... I decided to paint the frame in the gray primer to keep the color very flat. I did not want the frame to be shiny... and I definitely wanted to get rid of that yucky gold!

For the chalkboard paint I turned the mirror over and used the back of it as a chalkboard... here is my finished product!

I am so proud of it! I can't wait to display our menu on it at the wedding reception! Too cute! :)

Well, I will see you soon.... I am sure with another project! :)